WWJV - what would Jesus vote

Disclaimer:  I am including a image of the poster as there’s no point talking about something you may not have seen.   Hopefully, five minutes after the BNP politicians and press had wandered off, someone did the decent thing and threw a can of paint at it.  No endorsement of the BNP or encouragement to vote for them is intended.  (Or taken.  Hopefully)


It’s an interesting image of a blond, blue eyed Jesus.  Not even remotely Jewish looking.  (Even Alf Garnett was willing to admit that Jesus was Jewish.  On his mother’s side). 


I suppose the question, “What would Jesus do?” and the use of a Bible verse is meant make people believe that voting for the BNP is okay because their policies are in line with Jesus’ teachings.  And part of their overall strategy to convince people that they’re really quite respectable.  Although trying to work out What Jesus Would Do isn’t as easy as the nice wristband implies – there are whole tomes arguing that Jesus is anti- and pro homosexuals; anti and pro-women in church leadership; anti- and pro-social welfare; anti and pro-bankers etc.  We’ll find out eventually and I suspect that some of the answers will surprise everyone.  Including me.  But one thing I am 100% sure of is that the God who preached of hope, love, inclusion and justice – “Love your neighbour” – would not put his cross next to the BNP’s candidate’s box come polling day. 


The bit which interested me is the way the BNP – and others – are all keen to point out that Jesus agrees with us or that we agree with Jesus etc.  It’s strange the way that people want Jesus on their side – I’m not sure why that is – maybe it’s because we think our version of Jesus is more palatable or more loving or holy than theirs.  I’m not sure that He’s always that co-operative or easy to pin down.  Anne Lamott wrote, “You can safely assume that you've created God in your own image when it turns out that God hates all the same people you do”. 


I’m pleased to see that various church groups have called the BNP on this.  The Archbishops of York and Canterbury issued a joint statement condemning the BNP’s divisive policies and their attempt to hijack the language of faith.  They have made it totally clear that they are encouraging people to vote and discouraging people to vote for one party does not imply support for another.  The posters are, apparently, only on display in Yorkshire, and the West Yorkshire Ecumenical Council have a slogan “Use your cross- Vote for hope in Yorkshire to encourage voters to vote for the other parties who are standing. 


Encouraging people to vote and be aware of who and what they’re voting for can only be a good thing.  There’s a lot of cynicism and apathy towards politicians and elections at the moment – mainly due to politician’s habit of claiming stuff on expenses that they really ought to be paying for out of their own wages – and this is the type of climate that parties like the BNP thrive in.    And their reinvention has been worryingly successful.  There have been alot of letters on one of the free papers in London saying that they're not racist, supportive of hard working immigrants and have some good policies etc.  So, now I’ve worked out who not to vote for, I need to work out who I will. 

This my fandom. Tell me yours

Comment to this entry and I'll pick up to three of your fandoms. You must then update your journal and answer the following questions:


1. What got you into this fandom in the first place?

2. Do you think you'll stay in this fandom or eventually move on?

3. Favorite episodes/books/movies, etc?

4. Do you participate in this fandom (fanfiction, graphics, discussions)?

5. Do you think more people should get into this fandom?


<lj user=hulamoth> gave me Dr Who, Lola and LOM. 


So …


Dr Who


What got you into this fandom in the first place?

Not sure, Dr Who has been part of my life since I was tiny when I cowered behind the sofa whilst watching it.  In the 70’s/80’s it was the kitsch factor – wobbly scenery, dodgy CGI, cheap and cheerful scripts – but they did it with such self belief and chutzpah. Now, they’ve remade it and improved the scripts and special effects but kept much of the charm. I’m so looking forward to the new episodes and meeting the new Dr Who.  (He seems more of a Time Tot than a Time Lord, but I’m willing to give him a go).



Do you think you’ll stay in this fandom or eventually move on?

Stay, there’s no sign of moving on as yet.  I still watch and check the various LJ communities, but I don’t do as much as I did.  (Magazines, DVDs, Conventions and lurking on Outpost Gallifrey).  I did stop watching for a bit – towards the end of the Classic years when it was total rubbish and had Bonnie “Worst Companion Ever” Langford in it. 



Favorite Episodes

Classic – “Dr Who and the Green Death”.  Day-glo maggots. 


New – “The Empty Child” and “The Doctor Dances” – a happy ending!  And the doctor shakes his funky bootie.  Oh, and some captain bloke …


Human Nature” and “Family of Blood  - The Doctor finds happiness and then loses it again.  The ending is one of the most chilling things I’ve ever seen.  They wanted to live forever and the Doctor makes it possible …  Sometimes it’s best not to get what you want.


Blink” – Don’t! 



Do you participate in this fandom?

I lurk on the fringes.  I used to do more, but marriage and a small child put paid to much fandom activity! 




Do you think more people should get into this fandom?

By the time Matt Smith is ready, the Tubblet will be old enough to watch.  There is a space behind the sofa with her name on it!  (So that's a yes then!)





What got you into this fandom in the first place?

The Tubblet, as she enjoys watching "Charlie and Lola" on CBeebies.  Lola is 5 years old and is in Reception whilst her older brother Charlie is 7 (or 8).  All the stories are told from the children’s point of view, the adults are only referred to in passing.  It’s very clever and whoever writes it has a real ear for the way children speak, “But actually mummy …”  The Tubblet is, like Lola, small and blonde.  Unlike Lola, the Tubblet does not wear dresses.  She wears jeans and t-shirts.  They are also the same age.



Do you think you'll stay in this fandom or eventually move on?

Move on as the Tubblet goes up.  Her new favourite is “Ben 10”.



Favorite episodes/books/movies, etc?

Don’t really have one.  But this is ace!  SING!  DANCE!  Play the Saxophone!



Do you participate in this fandom (fanfiction, graphics, discussions)?




Do you think more people should get into this fandom?

Like you get a choice if you have a five year old girl … It could be worse though!







What got you into this fandom in the first place?

I could come out with some intelligent waffle about the whole idea of a cop show where one of the main characters has traveled back in time and is now trying to do the same job in a completely different world being very intriguing … But it was Gene.  [ETA:  I had a boy-friend who was very similar to Gene - loud, brash, with similar dress sense and about as PC.  He would have owned those cowboy boots if he'd known where to buy them. I dumped him because I outgrew him.  Great place for a visit, but you wouldn't want to live there!  I have no defense apart from youth, stupidity and it being the '80's and most Cityboys were very like him.  And ... um ... well ... yeah.  Going out with Cityboy did help me appreciate Mr T when he appeared on my horizon and enabled me to put the diamond ring and lasso that all single Christian women carry in their handbags to good use].  That, and the joy of shrieking, “I had one of those!”  and playing "Name that tune".


Do you think you'll stay in this fandom or eventually move on?

I’ll always like both shows – LOM and A2A – but I’ll move on eventually as they’re not planning to make any more.  (Unless Season 3 gets commissioned, but then that’s it).



Favorite episodes/books/movies, etc?

Problem with LOM and A2A is that it’s all of a piece so I’ve got favourite bits, but not a favourite espisode as such.  The Candlewick Green sequence for example:

The woman who lived two doors down from us in our old house works for the special effects company used by Kudos.  She went down to Manchester to help direct the camera angles etc in the final sequence on the tower block in LOM.  This was to make sure that the special effects people had what they needed to make it look good.  (ETA:  And it looked marvellous.  Am deliberately not describing the end squence in any detail in case anyone reading this hasn't seen it].  She also works on “Hustle” and “Spooks”.  (I never got the chance to ask her anything about Season 7 due to house move *head desk*)


Do you participate in this fandom (fanfiction, graphics, discussions)?

I read a lot, but that’s about it.



Do you think more people should get into this fandom?

Yes!  Partly because it’s so good and partly because more viewers means they’ll commission season 3 and we get a proper ending.  





And now for some pudding ...

Writing about RH is just too depressing as – in their attempts to big up Bobbin - they are ruining Guy. (And side-lining all the characters from the previous seasons and making new ones out of cardboard and sticky back plastic.  Apart from PJ - who seems to be a Labrador / Evil genius cross).  They’ve made Guy even more stupid than Joey from Friends – but without any of the endearing features or child-like qualities – apart from the beautiful new outfit and Because He’s Worth It Hair.  (These can only compenstate for so much!) 

The One is acting his socks off, but there are limits on how much of a silk purse he can make out of this sows ear.  I keep watching in the forlorn hope that things will get better.  Maybe the outlaw sub-plot … Please?! 

The new season of Ashes to Ashes is Made of Awesome.  (Problem with attempting to write about it is that I always end up babbling on about What Gene Said Next as well as the great soundtrack and the clothes / make up). 

Things are currently quiet in the Vicarage.  Mr T is coming to the end of his first year as Minister in Training and has had a good annual review.  College and Church are pleased so they’re keeping him. 


This is rather random, but it’s too good not to share.  Apologies to anyone outside the UK, but I want to recommend The One of Puddings.  Totally YUMMY!  Marks & Spencer make a “Crème Brûlée Bread & Butter Pudding” It’s light and buttery pudding with custard and a crunchy topping – just don’t think about the nutritional value!  Or the calories!  Or the alternative uses for the custard.  (Or the fact that I woofed down a fairly large portion after last Saturday's episode of RH.  It's so bad, it makes you comfort eat ... Either that or I am a greedy pig with no willpower).


Oh, and I think I found my dream job.

Football (Again)

Mr T writes – on MY LJ - the shameless little whatmit:


Right ok you lot aren't really getting this are you?




You'd be making Mr Tubbs very happy if you could raise enough for him to go to Rome in fact he'll buy you a drink for every 1000 pounds you pledge. Can't be fairer than that!!



Dear All


This is shameless request to start a campaign so my wonderful husband can go to watch the European Cup Final in Rome.


So anyone who has a heart and would like to donate a large sum of money for 1500pounds needed to buy a ticket, pay for the flight and accommodation then if you could pledge what you can he'd be most grateful.

[ETA:  I made him promise to leave my phone alone so he does this on my LJ instead ...! It would be great if he could go to Rome, but we can't afford it.  Not without the help of the credit card - and there's no way we're putting that kind of money on it in the current climate.  The only person in the family who can afford it refused to lend her daddy the money.  But she did offer to give him 5p - Mrs T]


What We Did on Our Holidays

Mr T and I had our first ever proper holiday since we moved / he started his new job the other week.  We stayed with his parents – who are, fortunately, lovely – in a small village just outside Haywards Heath.  It’s the sort of place that’s great when you’re a little kid as all your friends live locally and there’s a green and some woods to run around in.  And that absolutely sucks when you’re a teenager because there’s one pub where the landlord knows your parents and only one bus to and from civilisation an hour. 


Whilst we were there we:


Ø      Caught up with friends who we hadn’t seen for ages.  (As we both get four weeks holiday a year and Mr T has only five Sundays off year plus a few extra for preaching elsewhere, weekends now work differently).


Ø      Left the Tubblet with her grandparents and went to London.  By ourselves.  It was a gloriously hot day and we pottered about, wandering into a few very big and posh shops before ending up in the V&A for many hours. 


We saw a few celebs.  Christian O’Connell was standing outside Absolute Radio as we walked past and it was at this point I realised that Mr T needs to go up to London more often.  He elbowed me from one side of the pavement to the other.  (O’Connell is smaller than Mr T imagined).  The preferred method of celeb acknowledgement in London is sly bit of eye contact and a nod So They Know You Know Who They Are and then to keep walking.  The only time I failed dismally is when I saw Tom Baker   I ducked into a side street so I could squee and grin like a loon without being spotted.  (Dr Who!)  We also saw David Troughton on his way to the theatre to perform Enjoy(RH reference –Sam’s dad!)  Stephen Fry has a nice guide to meeting celebs that I will try to follow if I ever meet Someone Very Important.  Whenever I imagine it, it always starts with me doing something really impressive like falling over my handbag and then blurting out “Oh my word … aren’t you tall / have a big nose …” And having no paper or pen and a broken camera ‘phone

We wanted to see a show but couldn’t agree on anything.  Attempts to convince Mr T that Spring Awakening was a good idea failed dismally and all the other things we both agreed on had matinees … tomorrow.  So we went out for a nice meal in some Italian place hidden in a side street instead.  And then we went home.


Ø       The next day, the whole family went to Brighton.  It poured with rain all day and we ended up on the Pier.  The Tubblet thought the pier was magic – running from one end to the other, eating doughnuts, playing on the slot machines and winning her entire body weight in 2 pence pieces.  As a grown up, the pier is a bit of a dive with a leaky roof.  But a fun dive.   

We returned rested and with a holiday glow.  A few days back at work / school has put paid to that, but Mr T’s sense of mischief remains intact.   (MU being in the Champion's League final yet again and beer may have also been a factor).   As anyone who received the following text sent from my phone yesterday will testify:

“Have just seen Saturday’s robin hood.  R A seems a bit podgy don’t u think?”


Interests - 20 (Meme)

Comment on this post. I will choose seven interests from your profile and you will explain what they mean and why you are interested in them. Post this along with your answers in your own journal so others can play along.

Hulamoth selected the following from my list - The One, The Plus Ones, Pub, Going Out, Make-up, Crap Sci-fi and Christianity.  Here we go, in no particular order:  

The One / The Plus Ones

Readers of previous journal entries will be aware that Mr T and I have a pre-agreed list of People With Whom It Wouldn’t Count. (In the highly unlikely event we meet them and they would make us such an offer).

The One was a term coined by Laura on Ship of Fools to describe the actor whose DVDs you watch when reality has got a bit much and a diversion is needed.  Subsequent discussion revealed that this was definitely a girl thing.  Most of the women on the board had The One whilst the blokes just didn't get it. 


For me, Richard Armitage is The One.  I have no idea why, but he is and has been for a while.  This is only fandom I have ever got involved with in a meaningful way.  He's easy on the eye, one of the best there is at what he does and, based on interviews, sounds like a decent, fun bloke.  (That combination is very rare - I searched for years until I found one of them for my own.  Mr T would also it to be known that the other day two young women driving past him in a car described him as a “babe”). 


Giving RA a nickname means I don’t show up if you search for him in interests.  This is mainly to avoid hassle from a small group of LJ users who have no sense of humour but  plenty of time on their hands and nothing better to do with it than tell you that the way your express your fandom is wrong!


The Plus Ones are people who are on the same list, but don’t I like quite as much as The One - David Tennant, Colin Firth and Hugh Jackman. 




Pub / Going Out

Where we used to live, our local pub – The Bull’s Head – was round the corner from our house.  The landlord, John, is Scottish and has an interesting line in cuss words. It’s a community pub – most of the regulars lived and worked locally and they had barbeques etc.  It wasn’t much to look at inside or out, but the atmosphere was great!  It also showed football so Mr T went there a lot and got to know everyone.  (And was barred by John regularly.  As John barred most of the regulars on a weekly basis, this is not as bad as it sounds!) 


When we could get a baby-sitter, I used to go along too.   We haven’t found replacement in our new location yet, but diligent research is being done!  (So far we’ve found lots of real ale pubs and a few trendy wine bars.  All of which are nice, but not quite right). 


Now we are parents, Mr T and I don’t go out together as a couple so much.  Potential evenings out are limited further because Mr T has a lot of meetings in the evening.  I also mentioned Not Going Out as a I do like a nice night in with the TV.  Or just hanging out with Mr T, sitting on the sofa with a bottle of wine putting the world to rights or blathering on about theology. 




I love make-up, preferably the overpriced sort that’s sold in department stores rather than chemists. The packaging is so much more glamorous and looks better when you whip it out of your handbag.  And the colours and pigments are of better quality – allegedly. 


I try not to think about how much I’ve spent on the stuff over the years or how much better the money would have looked in my pension pot. 


Even though I know in my head that it’s only make-up, my heart still believes that if only I find the right lipstick, it will change my life!  As an adult, it’s a bit like believing in fairies or Father Christmas and about as sensible.  Or, as Mr T puts it, don’t you already have one of those in that colour … or just one of those … I am trying to wean myself off such things by only replacing what I've used up. 



Crap Sci-Fi

Star Trek, Battlestar, Star Wars, Classic Who, Blakes 7 – I love it!  Give me rubbish CGI, wobbly sets, cardboard cutout characters acted by clothes pegs … I am so there! The Seventies, when I was growing up, was the golden age for this kind of stuff.  Much of it had a charm and humour that’s got a bit lost over the years. 


My inner nerd is highly developed and needs to be kept under a tight reign or the house would be over-run with DVDs, action figures, comics and the like and I would be even more broke.  (I also like top quality stuff like the new version of Dr Who and The Prisoner, but not in the same way). 




I am one.  A card carrying, Bible owning Christian.  And I am married to Mr T who is training to be a minister.  That makes him a Professional Christian. 


I would describe myself as Just Getting On With It  – trying to work stuff out; put it into practice and continually being challenged and re-educated etc.  I know there are things I believe that are wrong – I just hope I’m not betting my eternal salvation on any of them - as I have no idea what they actually are.  I own no placards and don’t see the Bible as something you bash.  This LJ entry may be of interest, but this LJ entry says much the same thing only more consisely. 




Milestones (Dispatching)

Starting off with a wild generalisation but … I suspect that most people’s main contact with church / clergy is during life’s milestones – hatching, batching or dispatching.  Or during high days and holidays – annual church visit during Christmas or Easter.  Sunday attendance is for those of us who are Overly Keen.  (I’m not getting into the whole school thing as that’s not something that tends to affect Baptists.  Although there tends to be low level bitching from Baptists et al about not getting school places because they’re not Anglicans and it Not Being Blooming Fair).


Mr T did his first funeral on Tuesday.  It was for Harold, a lovely 90 year old man who’d died after a long illness.  (If you have prayers and good thoughts to spare, please share them with Harold and his family.  “May he rest in peace and rise in glory”). 


After consultation with the family – who were also lovely, very kind and aware of Mr T’s situation and happy for him to take the service anyway - Mr T planned a short ceremony with some prayers, a hymn – “All things bright and beautiful” - and a talk about Harold’s life.  The funeral was at the local crematorium and went as well as these things can.  (And yes, Mr T did have to press the button to make the coffin disappear into the crematorium). 


I worked from home in the morning as there was no one else available to look after the Tubblet.  Opinions about whether or not children should attend funerals are mixed, but I guess that most people would be unanimous about the presiding Minister not bringing his child along.   


We’re now heading towards one of the busiest periods of the year for clergy – five services over three days.  All needing to be planned, sermons written, songs chosen, visuals found etc.  Mr T has spent many hours in his Study Pit.  (Simon, Mr T’s boss, has probably spent just as much time in whatever his equivalent of the Study Pit is).  Like most clergy families, we’ve got next week off and are going to the in-laws for a rest.  (And free babysitting).


I was trying to think of something to write about Easter, but stumbled across this in yesterday’s Metro and figured as Father David Delargy made a much better job of it than I’d manage, I’ll leave it to him and just share.  Father David is a member of a singing group called The Priests.  (I have never heard them perform but suspect that they sound like Westlife in cassocks. Rather than Ted and Dougal performing “My Lovely Horse”).  So, over to Father David:


Do you literally believe in the Easter story?

Without a doubt. The earliest Christian and Roman writings attest to the historical Jesus and his death. His Resurrection was attested to by those closest to him, who devoted the rest of their lives to it. I can’t see they would have given their lives if it was just a spiritual, rather than a literal Resurrection. Christianity would be emptied of its richness if Jesus had not risen – it is a divine endorsement. I know to modern ears that can sound naive or plain barmy. I do question it – it is not a blind acceptance. When I went to Rome to study, my faith was seriously challenged. They deconstruct your faith to put it back on proper foundations.


Why hasn’t Jesus come back to put all these doubts to rest?

I prefer to leave that answer for Him.


What is the Easter message – apart from chocolate?

It’s remembering the death – not just the Resurrection. It’s about Jesus giving us an example of love and service to others. You lay down your life for your friends. It’s the ultimate sign of hope in our trials in life: life triumphs over death. There is an eternity and a heaven.

Happy Easter everyone! 


Have they gone yet?!

Leaders from the G20 countries are currently visiting London to discuss Very Important Things.  I have no idea if these Very Meaningful Chats will translate into anything useful, but hope so.  Their visit has made daily life in the city more interesting than usual. 


The protests started on Sunday with the Put People First March – which we would have considered going on if Mr T hadn’t been busy that day.  But the city itself was quiet until Wednesday when different groups met at selected rail and tube stations to go to various parts of the city to protest about climate change, the war and the financial system.  Whilst I doubt that politicans take any notice of protests - otherwise the debt would have been dropped and our troops wouldn't be where they are - I hope that they take note of how angry people are and do something sensible to address it. 

We spent the day listening to the BBC commentary – “People are outside RBS … they’re smashing windows … they’re inside … They Are inside RBS etc whilst working normally.  And there were so many bloody helicopters,
London sounded like it had been dumped in the middle of the set of “Apocalypse Now”.


On the whole, it was all good natured.  The vast majority of people wanted to make their voice heard, have a good time and then go home.  Then there’s the small minority of total morons who just wanted a fight who ruined things for everyone else. 


We wandered down at lunch-time and stood at the edge of the police cordon listening to Billy Bragg.  They closed the office at 3pm because they were worried that some of the tubes / railway stations would be closed and people would be stranded.  This wasn’t a great surprise, as the protests were due to stop about 5pm, around the time that most office workers leave for home.  But, as my usual route home was rather crowded, I had to go via Tower Hill and pay extra for an underground ticket.  (£4!  How rude!)  No one came to our office whilst the main protest was happening, but some of the black ninja protesters came along later.  They taunted security guards and one of them had bought a hockey stick.  Nice! 


Shops and offices were boarded up (apart from RBS!) and many offices took down signs in an attempt hide who they belonged too.  They took down the company logos outside our building as well as the posters but left the massive company name sign behind reception up.  (People don't peer into buildings via the front windows.  Apparently).  City workers encouraged to wear casual clothes “to blend in”.  It wasn’t entirely successful.  City worker – dipped head to foot in Gap, possible additions including lap-top bag or leather hand-bag; designer sunnies – real or fake; loafers, very clean trainers or high heels or plumbs.  Protesters – banners, painted faces etc.  Tonia, one of my colleagues, got well into the disguise thing and spent ages working out her coat and rucksack combinations. 


Our company suggested doing this for the whole week. Extremely weird on a Monday morning when you’re the only person in casual wandering about at that time.  I spent the whole journey worrying if I’d got it wrong – and didn’t stop until I got to the building and saw others dressed the same.  (Dress down also takes more thought than work uniform!)


On Thursday, it was pretty much all back to normal.  All the litter had been tidied away and they were in the process of wiping off all the graffiti from the walls.  Mainly of the “Fuck The Pigs” variety – very imaginative.  The protesters improved the statute of Wellington outside the Royal Exchange by draping it with Skull & Crossbones scarves and signs saying “Drop Acid Not Bombs” – all gone by today (Friday).  They also managed to trample all over the daffodils.


Whilst I have no problem with the Great and the Good getting together to chew the fat OR with people exercising their right to express their opinions, I can’t help wishing they’d decided to get with the 21st Century and hold the conference via video.  Cheaper, more environmentally friendly and less bother for everyone else. 



The Tubblet has been learning to read and write using letters and sounds (aka phonics).  This involves looking at the letters on the page and then spelling them out to work out the words.  She’s making reasonable progress.  Whilst walking home from school with Mr T this Friday, she spelt out C – R – A - P phonically and then told him exactly what it spelt.  “CRAP, daddy, that spells CRAP daddy …” 

We’re pleased to see evidence of progress, but slightly concerned over the word choice!  But it could have been worse!

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