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mrs_tubbs's Journal

9 October
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I have a full time job in a large US owned financial services company that has been living in interesting times. Fortunately I haven't come to the attention of authority. My husband - Mr T (not the one from the A Team)- is a vicar in a Baptist church. (NB: Yes we are Christians. But that may not mean what you think it does ;) Christian public figures do not always reflect the Man and Woman in the Pew or Pulpit). Our child - the Tubblet - attends junior school. Like I have time for hobbies?!

I have an unhealthy interest in new lipsticks, handbags, shoes, finding an anti aging cream that works, jeans that fit, attempting to save money, The One and waffling on about theology and the like!

Here are some cool quotes that probably sum up my approach to life:

"Keep calm and carry on" - British WW2 Poster

"What have I learned, Mr Mackay? Three things. One - bide your time. Two - keep your nose clean. And three - don't let the bastards grind you down" - Ronnie Barker as Norman Stanley Fletcher in Porridge

Entries are either public or friends only depending on what I'm blathering on about at the time.